Alt i én arbejdsgang

All in one go

With state-of-the-art 3D laser cutting technologies, we can eliminate several costly operations in one go, including drilling, sawing, milling, counterboring and punching.

This minimises the risk of cutting errors and, consequently, installation errors which, in turn, facilitates post-processing in your own production.

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Nye tider, nye muligheder


QuickTube has many years' experience with punching of individual series as well as large serial productions with a focus on tolerances and on providing an attractive finish to each individual item. We are committed to ongoing development and investment in our production equipment. To our customers, this means that we are highly competitive in terms of quality and production costs.

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Skovsager Group

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Skovsager Group

Part of a strong family

QuickTube is part of the Skovsager Group, a strong family consisting of the three companies Næsby Maskinfabrik A/S, QuickTube ApS and the Chinese company Ningbo NMF.

All three companies are strong in their own right, but we are strongest when we combine our individual expertise within consulting and processing of aluminium and steel.

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3D laser cutting: Work smarter!

3D laser cutting is the innovative and time-saving workpiece processing. At QuickTube, we have made 3D laser cutting our specialty.

Do you still work like you did 25 years ago? With 3D laser cutting, a host of costly operations are made redundant. The entire process is performed in one go, saving customers up to 50% of the usual amount of time required for the assignment.
The possibilities are nearly endless, and we always assist in defining the optimum solution for your assignment.

You are always welcome to visit and experience some of the possibilities we can offer with 3D laser cutting.

We always have hot coffee, and we are ready to surprise you with both quality and price. Or if you like, we can visit you for a demonstration of processed workpieces.

Henrik Bøgh

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Henrik Bøgh
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