QuickTube has many years’ experience with punching of both small individual pieces and large serial productions with a focus on tolerances and a beautiful finish to every single item.
The punching press was originally located at the premises of our ‘big brother’, NMF A/S, which is also part of the Skovsager Group. For strategic reasons, punching is now part of the services provided by QuickTube, as it is an area that perfectly complements our general workflow and know-how.
Development and investment in our production equipment are extremely important to us, and as a result we are among the leaders in terms of technology. To our customers, this means that we are highly competitive as regards quality and production costs. We can deliver your order packed and partially assembled in accordance with your instructions, and it goes without saying that we can also offer post-processing of punched workpieces, whether in-house or at the premises of one of our close business partners.

Production equipment and dimensions

Shearing machine: Cuts widths of up to 3000 mm and thicknesses of up to 8 mm. Backstop up to 1000 mm.
Manual punch: Excenter press, capacity 45 tonnes, 64 tonnes and 90 tonnes.
90 tonnes strip punching machine: Manual positioning of strips and automatic removal of workpieces. Feeding up to 100 mm.
Punching lines: 2 x 90 tonnes and 1 x 180 tonnes, excenter presses. All are fitted with coil unreeling apparatus, alignment tool and feeding mechanism as well as automatic removal of workpieces.
Deburring of items in Rösler vibrator, stone trimming machine and subsequent drying in granulate for a beautiful finish.